Welcome to the official youth organization for Molly Sheehan’s 2018 congressional bid


Are you sick and tired of legislators ignoring scientists and destroying your planet? Are you unhappy with a congress that ignores so much injustice, while mourning women's basic rights? Do you want to start making a difference close to home, and stand up to the corruption you see in Washington?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Molly Sheehan is your candidate. As a Penn biophysicist, she is likely more qualified than many current U.S. cabinet members (we’ll try not to trip on that low bar). She is running to help hold this disaster of a congress accountable, and fight for progressive issues that will help everybody, from the 5th district, to the state, to the entire nation. She will be a warrior, receptive to your needs, unlike some congressmen who disappear until election day cough Pat Meehan cough cough (sorry, somebody cut my healthcare). Dr. Sheehan cannot do this alone, however. The change you want to see starts at home. If you want to get involved in an energetic, impactful effort to take back the Hill, please, take some time to be that change today. Fill out the form below to help bring back some common sense to this country, and welcome aboard!




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