Scientist. Mother. Proud Progressive.


I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania. I got a good public-school education, drank clean water from the tap in the kitchen and found jobs after school and on weekends to help pay for college. My divorced parents weren’t rich, but they worked hard to support me and serve our community – a community I love.  Now, I’m raising my own daughter here, and I want to make sure Ida and her generation have the same opportunities I had, regardless of gender, race or income.

We need a government where representatives work hard and speak loudly for their constituents, their friends and neighbors, not just take a back seat as their political party and big corporations drive. We need a government that supports our community by providing good public schools, quality healthcare for everybody and clean air and water.  We need a Congress that uses real evidence, logic and reason to make decisions, not just extreme ideologies.

If we want to accomplish this, we must include everyone. I will reach out to working class families, listen to my constituents, and work across the aisle. That’s the way to build a stronger district, Democratic Party, and country.  

I’m a scientist, a mom and a progressive Democrat. When a challenge comes at me in the lab, I find creative solutions to get past the problem – and that’s exactly what I’ll do in Congress. Our community deserves it.

The nations may be divided in everything else, but they all share a single body of science.”
— Isaac Asimov

Legislative Priorities

  • Healthcare
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Environment
  • Jobs
  • National Security
  • Public Education
  • Social and Economic Justice
  • Racial, Sexuality and Gender Equality
  • Scientific Integrity and Funding
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Inclusive Immigration Reform