U.S. Scientists, Please Run for Office. The Planet Needs You

If Trump’s administration isn’t going to consult with scientists, scientists will have to muscle their way in. As the old Washington koan goes, if you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu. “We need a seat,” Sheehan says. Preferably one that’s the right height for a good microscope.
— Clive Thompson, WIRED

Dem hopeful in 7th burnishes progressive credentials

Among the discussions in the /r/Political_Revolution subreddit, a politically progressive thread on Reddit, Sheehan touches on big pharma, gerrymandering, medical marijuana federal descheduling, public transportation funding, advancement of green energy sources, pro-net neutrality, bringing back Glass-Steagall and more.

Health care, she wrote, was the most important issue of the upcoming election.

“We need to elect somebody who has experience and a real plan to implement single-payer health care,” Sheehan said. “I am the only candidate running with health care experience.”
— Delco Times - Rick Kauffman 7-16-2017