Dem hopeful in 7th burnishes progressive credentials

Among the discussions in the /r/Political_Revolution subreddit, a politically progressive thread on Reddit, Sheehan touches on big pharma, gerrymandering, medical marijuana federal descheduling, public transportation funding, advancement of green energy sources, pro-net neutrality, bringing back Glass-Steagall and more.

Health care, she wrote, was the most important issue of the upcoming election.

“We need to elect somebody who has experience and a real plan to implement single-payer health care,” Sheehan said. “I am the only candidate running with health care experience.”
— Delco Times - Rick Kauffman 7-16-2017

Berning Up the Democratic Party

The bottom line is that the Democratic party must once again invest their outreach towards people, not money. That is why I am committed to running a grassroots campaign that will appeal to the needs of all of the people in the 7th Congressional District. I will not be a special interest candidate. I will work on the issues that affect the people of the 7th most, that will improve our economy and stabilize the lives of the working class.
— Molly, Medium 6-14-2017