The Party of Reason and Progress endorses Molly Sheehan (PA-7) for Congress

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The Party of Reason and Progress (PORP) is dedicated to promoting reason and evidence-based decision-making in modern politics. Our mission is to implement effective and rational policies through educating the general public. We support and endorse public officials and initiatives who exemplify this approach.

Molly Sheehan has a PhD in Biophysics from University of Pennsylvania where she works as a bio-engineer developing new technologies to advance cancer research. Sheehan has consistently worked in her community towards organizing better educational opportunities for children, graduates, and women in STEM fields. Sheehan wants to combat the divisiveness and perpetual gridlock of Federal politics by adding a fresh and progressive perspective.

Some of Sheehan’s policy positions include:

  • Investing in early childhood development and education

  • Adapting to a growing and changing economy and integrating jobs training programs

  • Eliminate the administrative wastes of our current healthcare system and transition toward a single-payer system that is not profit-oriented

  • Address the series threats of climate change by investing in green energy research

  • Fix the criminal justice system which profits off of the imprisonment of Americans, eliminate the cash-bail system, and allow previous inmates to vote

Listen to Molly Sheehan’s podcast interview on PORP’s Politics within Reason

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