Where is Meehan on Moore?

Rep. Pat Meehan made a name for himself in Delaware County as a tough prosecutor. He focused on the predation of children and young girls. He has seen this epidemic with his own eyes and has no excuse for silence on Roy Moore’s exploitation and sexual assault of adolescents and teens.

Meehan is too busy drafting a cruel tax plan that will raise taxes for many working-class Americans so his donors can get a tax cut. His silence on Roy Moore’s child abuse makes him complicit in the election of a known predator and pedophile to the Senate. His silence is a condoning of such behavior by omission.

Meehan must put people over party by publicly calling for Roy Moore to step down. If he cannot show this most basic human decency, it is clear he is no longer representing the people of Pa-07. He is willing to put his party’s needs over those of children and is sending the strong message that it is more important to be a Republican than to not be a child molester.

We need to hold our leaders to certain standards. Not being pedophiles and being outspoken against people who are pedophiles are two very low bars Roy Moore and Pat Meehan are failing right now. Sexual abuse is an epidemic, against women and children. Failing to hold abusers accountable is the cause of the epidemic. People like Pat Meehan who bury their heads in the sand instead of speaking out against giving a known predator a Senate seat are the cause of the rampant sexual abuse of women and children.

As a mother, as a mother to a daughter, as a mother who is a #MeToo, I am appalled. I am ashamed Donald Trump is our President and I will someday have to explain to my daughter how a man who bragged about sexual assault attained the highest office in our country. I will be ashamed to have to explain how a known pedophile became a Senator with much of his Party’s silent support. Never have I been more ashamed of our leaders than their failure, then and now, to speak out against sexual abuse. Pat Meehan and all the other powerful men who hide in silence are beyond shameful.