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In the second installment of our series on women running for office, we hear from first time candidates. Laura Moser is entering the race for Texas’s 7th Congressional district. Molly Sheehan is award-winning scientist with a PhD in biochemistry and biophysics running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th district.
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Dem hopeful in 7th burnishes progressive credentials

Among the discussions in the /r/Political_Revolution subreddit, a politically progressive thread on Reddit, Sheehan touches on big pharma, gerrymandering, medical marijuana federal descheduling, public transportation funding, advancement of green energy sources, pro-net neutrality, bringing back Glass-Steagall and more.

Health care, she wrote, was the most important issue of the upcoming election.

“We need to elect somebody who has experience and a real plan to implement single-payer health care,” Sheehan said. “I am the only candidate running with health care experience.”
— Delco Times - Rick Kauffman 7-16-2017



The foundation of our society lies in the education of our future generations. Our children deserve access to quality education at an early age. Currently, our educational system sets students up for failure rather than success. Overcrowded schools, expensive childcare and a lack of affordable higher education are leaving American families without a quality education.



 I firmly believe that a Single-Payer healthcare system is the only answer to provide the most affordable and universal care for American citizens. Implementing such a large-scale change requires careful planning and incremental changes, guided by people who understand the complexity of our healthcare system so we can maintain quality of care.

Climate Change

Climate Change

I’m running in order to save our environment, because science says it needs saving. I’m running because congress needs someone who knows how to protect our fields, streams, and backyards from pollutants and toxic industry practices. We need an advocate for our children and for preventative long term solutions that look beyond the next election cycle.

Berning Up the Democratic Party

The bottom line is that the Democratic party must once again invest their outreach towards people, not money. That is why I am committed to running a grassroots campaign that will appeal to the needs of all of the people in the 7th Congressional District. I will not be a special interest candidate. I will work on the issues that affect the people of the 7th most, that will improve our economy and stabilize the lives of the working class.
— Molly, Medium 6-14-2017

Una decisión polémica y con fuertes críticas de los expertos

Molly Sheehan, profesora de la Universidad de Pennsylvania, señaló a Clarín que la salida es “un grave error que tendrá graves consecuencias sobre la seriedad de EE.UU. en la firma de tratados y en las negociaciones con otros países”. Además, afirmó, “si no hacemos nuestra parte, las consecuencias serán sentidas por todos. El clima errático trae peligros inmediatos a la seguridad. A medida que los recursos se mueven o desaparecen, inevitablemente surgirán conflictos, como vimos en Darfur. Todos nos beneficiamos de un mundo estable y el cambio climático es la principal amenaza para la seguridad nacional, para todas las naciones. Abandonar este acuerdo es imprudente y demuestra una completa falta de entendimiento de nuestro mundo.”
— -Paula Lugones, Clarín 6-1-2017

She's Running Podcast

Let’s get ready for primarieeeeeees!

Emily talks real talk about political primaries with Molly Sheehan, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania. But first they talk about science, running for office, and bringing facts back in D.C.
— Emily Jackson- She's Running, 5-16-2017