Molly Sheehan is proud to be endorsed by the following organizations:

Political Revolution logo.png

The Political revolution Reddit

Molly Sheehan is The Political Revolution's first endorsement for Congress in PA.  

The Political Revolution is a group of volunteers that grew out of the Bernie Sanders campaign supporting candidates for state and local office nationwide.

DUH logo-2.png

Demand universal Healthcare

DUH notes that Molly’s Path to Single Payer Healthcare was one of the best statements on the issue they had read.

Demand Universal Healthcare (DUH) aims to advance the cause of establishing a truly universal, comprehensive, and equitable National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) healthcare system in the United States.

PORP logo.png

Party of Reason and progress

The Party of Reason and Progress (PORP) endorsed Molly because, as a bioengineer, she will work to bring reason back into politics. We need to focus on evidence-based solutions, and move forward boldly, to provide for people's vital needs.

Listen to Molly's interview on the Politics Within Reason Podcast.

Our Revolution logo v3.png

Our Revolution — SE Pennsylvania Chapter

Our Revolution — SE Pennsylvania Chapter endorsed Molly because she supported Bernie Sanders in the primary and, unlike most of the Democratic candidates in PA, is continuing run on that platform!  She is the type of grass-roots candidate that Bernie called upon to run for office.  There is nothing to prattle on about; it is that simple. 

WUFpac logo.png

Women under forty political action Committee

WUFPAC is a nonpartisan political action committee that supports women forty years of age and under running for state and federal public office, at the time of endorsement. WUFPAC’s mission is twofold: attempting to elect more young women to office and build seniority of women in congress. 

Molly has also recognized by:

MOMS logo.png

Mom's Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

Proud to have been chosen as a candidate of distinction by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. We must enact common sense gun reform and gun violence prevention legislation to keep our children and communities safe!