Born and raised in southeast Pennsylvania, Molly’s family instilled in her the values of fighting for economic and social justice and working to serve her community.  That commitment to service has led Molly to a career in the sciences. Now an internationally awarded medical researcher, she earned a PhD in biochemistry and biophysics developing battlefield and remote hospital ready blood substitutes, and now works to produce new technologies to advance cancer research

From her work in the lab to her work as a mom, Molly is ready to bring creative problem-solving, logic, reason, and compassion to Congress where these principles are so sorely needed.


Deep Local Roots

Molly, age 4, in Spring Mount

Molly, age 4, in Spring Mount

Molly Sheehan is the daughter of a teacher and an environmental scientist.  Growing up in local public schools, Molly dreamed of a career as a scientist. And she put her dreams into motion early by doing everything from waiting tables to starting her own small nanny business to help pay for college. 

Raised with the values of service to her community, Molly volunteered at local stream cleanups and helped organize middle school youth programs. After graduating from Haverford College, Molly even moved to Uganda to work with locals on initiatives for women's cooperatives and soccer programs – earning the Clarence and Lily Pickett Award for Quaker Leadership for her work there.

Back in Pennsylvania, Molly earned her PhD in biochemistry and biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania. While there, Molly served on the board that helped negotiate insurance plans for all students, so she understands the complicated nature of healthcare reform and insuring Pennsylvanians young and old.

Molly’s husband, Ian, came to America from Taiwan to study and is now a pediatric anesthesiologist at CHOP.  Molly and Ian are parents to 3-year-old Ida, and Molly wants her daughter to enjoy a world of love and opportunity, not hate and fear.


Committed to Changing A Dangerously Reckless Government

Washington politicians would be pretty out-of-sorts in a scientific lab.  In Molly’s lab, when a problem comes up, they work together to find a solution.  The solution itself isn’t always easy, but the basic concept of working together to solve a problem should be easy. So why can’t Washington do the same?

Instead of working across the aisle to find real solutions, Donald Trump makes decisions based on flawed ideology, false rumors and fake news.

Already, Trump has threatened to gut funding for life-saving scientific research, put unqualified ideologues in charge of our schools, allow big insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and impose an Age Tax that will devastate Pennsylvanians with higher health care premiums – and too often, Congressman Meehan went along.

Molly Sheehan will bring her creative problem solving to Congress. She knows we can only solve the real problems we face as Americans if we use real evidence to find real solutions.

She will use her scientific background to fight efforts by Donald Trump to gut clean air and water protections, while working to ensure that every family has healthcare in their community. She will work to ensure that the next generation has the same quality public education that she had and protect investments in research and technology. And Molly will work to support hard-working families through paid family leave and economic development.